Deck Machinery

When it comes to maintaining, repairing and overhauling deck machinery, Sernain is the fastest and most reliable choice.

Due to the high corrosion, wear and tear on deck Sernain has developed several in-situ tools and has gained significant experience in combining teams of welders and mechanics to get 

the job done, without interrupting cargo operations or generating off-hire.

We offer:

  • Overhaul and repair of mooring winches and wind lashes.
  • Hydraulic overhauls and repairs.
  • Removal of frozen pins.
  • Change of steel plating on cranes and in general.
  • Several years of experience repairing major makes of hatch covers.

    Repair head jib of crane Liebherr, 40tns, renewal of steel plates, pins


    Wheels and structures.

    Fabrication of new heads for jib of Liebherr cranes 40tns in Sernain Workshop

    Repairs  in cabin of crane Liebherr 40tns, renewal of plates, glasses and bottom plating,

    Fabrication of superstructurs and platform for main decks of vessels.

    Renewal of hull steel platings in drydock Ecuador


    Fabrication onboard of exhaust piping for main engines

    Full repairs of spreaders  40tns,

    Fabrication onboard of steel pipings for boilers,

    Installation of new isolations for exhaust pipings of main engines and aux. engines

    Renewal and expansion of tubes for M/E  & AUX. coolers,

    Full repairs of aluminum gangways onboard,