EIn the field of reconditioning, Sernain S.A. takes great pride in having developed a long range of innovative solutions that cost effectively helps our clients moving without having to invest in new spares.

Our trained staff, which includes Chief Engineers and 1´st Engineers has a wealth of know-how and experience that can help ship managers and owners find a safe and economical way to ensure a smothe voyage for crew, vessel and cargo.

All our reconditioned parts include a 1 year guarantee, unless otherwise specified.

We offer:

  • Reconditioning of all main and auxiliary parts such as exhaust valves, pistons, covers and seat valves. Shafts and casings.
  • Salt and fresh water pumps.

Repairs of arms of jib Liebherr cranes, 40tns in Sernain workshop.

Reconditioning of blocks for Aux. generators 1.200bhp,

Reconditioning  of connecting rods for Aux. Engines, 1.200bhp,

Reconditioning of crankshafts  for Aux. Engines.