Sernain Abroad

Thanks to our team experience, for the last 8 years, we have also sent our qualified labor pool to foreign companies, which offer solutions aboard of vessels worldwide. In 2007 Sernain S.A. and Finish based marine service company, LCL Team Oy formed an informal partnership. Through LCL Team’s know-how and expertise in the cruise industry, skilled professionals from Sernain has since labored more than 50.000 hours onboard international cruise lines, in all areas of welding, interior outfitting, electrical installation and plumbing.

Our extensive labor pool consist of:

Certified Welders (ABS / NKK)

Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel and Bronze

Marine Electricians






Cleaning, Demolition, etc.

All of our people are highly skilled in their field and all stand true to our sole purpose, to keep our clients moving!

We have qualified personnel for any specialization that you need. We assure your satisfaction of our services and our low cost structure. 

Our services:

  • Execution of naval projects, according to the instructions of designers
  • Skilled personnel – Engineers and welders with shipyard and sea – going experience.
  • Certified welder with the highest class for renewals steel plating – (ABS / NKK).
  • Expertise in renewals, repair, re-conditioning or replacement of damaged areas.
  • Fully equipped welding team.
  • Renewal of steel pipes. Disassembling and Assembling.

Through LCL Engineering our personnel developed their first major international project in December 2009, the fabrication and part assembly of a 50ton deck extension for TUI cruises which was delivered in San Juan, Puerto Rico in March, 2009.